October 22, 2013

Clear Your Cache to See Our New Look!

When you log in at albertacore.ca using your regular username and password, your interface will look shiny and clean (like the image below). Can't see it? Then wipe your computer's memory about the sites you've visited by clearing your browser's cache. It only takes a second. Remember to do it on your mobile devices too!

Do more with CORE:

  • All teachers and students in CBE, CCSD, RVS, GHSD and CRPS can log in and access the resources in CORE. 
  • All teachers in CBE, RVS and GHSD can contribute their favorite web links as well as self-created resources to CORE.
  • All teachers can comment and rate resources in CORE.

Watch for updates as to when students will be able to comment, rate and contribute!