October 10, 2013

Stuck in the 80's? Not For Long!

Imagine it's 1985. You're wearing tie-dye jeans, strutting down the street, listening to Duran Duran on your Walkman. You just got your big hair done (even bigger) and you're on your way to the arcade to play Pac-Man. Later on, you'll hang out with your buddies and watch The Breakfast Club or maybe Back to the Future while eating anything with Cheez Whiz on it.

Then you get on to your the computer or tablet that you acquired by traveling to the future and log in to CORE, and it looks like this. Fits the times, doesn't it?

We admit it. Our current interface looks like it came from the past. But we're happy to announce that in about two weeks it will look something like this!

Don't worry--the buttons and functions will stay relatively the same as they are now, but CORE will be less cluttered and easier to navigate!

Questions? Comments? Tweet us @core4learning or use the Suggestions button on the CORE interface! We're listening!