December 5, 2013

This is Exciting! 974 Contributions and Counting!

Howdy, CORE Users!

It's December and there's a blizzard outside, but we're in the mood for a celebration! We're celebrating your enthusiasm in sharing learning resources with students and teachers across Alberta and beyond through CORE.

In our fall contribution contest, you contributed over 30 resources in less than a month! That brings our user contribution total to 974! Click here to see who the winners were and find out how to search for their contributions, which included self-created video tutorials, helpful websites, and professional learning materials. Stay tuned for another contribution contest after the winter break!

You definitely have something to say! You have contributed 394 user comments and ratings in CORE. Students and staff in CBE, RVS and GHSD can all comment and rate resources. Thanks for letting other users know how when you have found a resource helpful, what you've used it for, and what could be improved.

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