December 10, 2013

Looking Back & Ahead: The Year According to CORE

As the holidays approach, 'tis the season to reflect on what we have accomplished together through CORE. We'd like to extend a huge thank you to you, our users, for your enthusiasm in jumping into this experiment! From the beginning of our prototype last fall, our goals have been to bring you a platform that is:

  • Your one-stop hub for quality educational resources
  • Your gateway to resources in multiple flexible formats including videos, animations, websites, images, online databases, and e-texts
  • Your voice for leaving comments and ratings that share how resources can be applied in teaching and learning, and providing back-end analytics that help your district make future purchasing decisions 
  • Your forum for sharing self-created and found resources with students and staff across your district and beyond

Along the way, we've experienced some hiccups and challenges, as well as enormous successes. We have learned so much from you! This year we:

Here's where we're at, thanks to you!

We're happy to report that over 250 users have visited our Interactive CORE Advent Calendar since last week! Click here to pick up your daily resources and tips, and then learn how to create your own using ThingLink.

...And here's what's exciting about the new year!

Keep your eyes peeled to news on Twitter, the CORE blog, and on your CORE dashboard!

  • Get ready for our Student Contribution Contest to be held from January to February! Students will be able to contribute self-created and found resources to share their learning with users across their district and beyond. (Our teacher contest just wrapped up and was a huge hit!)
  • Launching exciting activities for our CIA Team (our not-so-top-secret CORE Input Advisory). We are still accepting interested staff members from all five districts!

Wishing you and your learning communities a safe and fun holiday season!

~ The CORE Team