April 7, 2014

Half a Million Page Views and Growing!

In running the statistics for CORE this morning I was excited to notice that we have passed the 500,000 point for total page views since September 2013. As more people hear about CORE and take the time to explore it to see what it has to offer, we are seeing our usership grow significantly.

In January of 2013 we had just 1100 teachers registered and using CORE. As of this month, we are at over 18,000 teachers and students.  That's cause for celebration!

If you are one of our 18,000 plus users, please take a moment to share your story of how you use CORE and why. Keep spreading the word to make the CORE community even stronger.

Here's How

  • Who: All students and staff who have used CORE are welcome to share! 
  • Length: Anywhere between 2-200 sentences long. Feel free to include links, images, and anything else that illustrates your experience. 
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