April 17, 2014

Pssst...Last Night at the CORE CIA Event

Last night, we kicked off our first not-so-undercover CORE CIA Professional Learning & Networking Event. Members of the CORE Input Advisory Team trekked through the snow all the way to the Rocky View Schools Education Centre to:
  • Chat and experiment with fellow educators
  • Pick the brains of the CORE implementation team
  • Explore digital resource trends, crowdsourcing, and user feedback for learning
  • Get started with accessing, creating, and sharing content
We're sending a shoutout to: Agents Slalom, Lorenzo, M. Trevor, Captain BVI, room36, Bunny, Blaster, Special OPS, Twix, and those agents who haven't yet shared their undercover names. Be ready next time! We started off with a brief intro and networking activity. Here's what it looked like as we were filling out our networking cards.
The groups then moved into discussions about what networking and building your PLN is like in both online and face to face settings, and how accessing and sharing the resources that you find most useful in CORE can support professional learning.

The CORE team sees many intersections around how people share and learn together.
The CIA Agents who came to our session mentioned the importance of face to face events like this to stay in touch with each other, learn about what other educators are doing, and sharing resources with a wider network. So we are hosting more of them! Some used an array of tools including Twitter, blogs, and Google+ to share their insights. Here are some ideas for how to continue the conversation:
  • Check out the CIA bundle in CORE and share with your colleagues. It includes all of the resources that we used last night
  • Use this feedback survey to tell us what you would like to see at our next session
  • Take the conversation online with Twitter @core4learning and sign up for email updates here on the CORE blog
  • Join additional edtech networking sessions hosted by CBE's ILT Team (all districts are welcome, no registration necessary)
  • Watch for updates on our next face-to-face CIA event in May. We'll post the details on the CORE blog and Twitter feed as soon!
  • If you're attending EdCamp YYC on April 21, members of the CORE team will be there to support anyone interested in chatting about CORE  

See you online, in person, and undercover...

Shades on!
~The CORE Team

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