January 24, 2014

Destination Imagination Resources in CORE for CBE Users

Destination Imagination is a resource for grade 3-9 classroom teachers that promotes the acquisition of 21st century competencies and skills through open-ended creative problem-solving projects, with an explicit focus on teaching 21st century competencies (4Cs- creative problem-solving, critical thinking, communication, collaboration). The Classroom Edition provides teachers with inquiry-based projects that deepen students’ 21st century learning skills - transforming education by changing behaviors, attitudes, and creating authentic learning experiences. Each of the challenges represent a cross-curricular, integrated open ended project,supported by a lesson plan that follows a gradual release of responsibility model, and is coupled with various self-assessment and formative assessment options for teachers to use. All of the challenges and assessments are modifiable with the intent that they can become authentic learning experiences for students, and the resource is flexible enough to use as teachers see fit. Teachers and students will be able to find all of the challenges in CORE. Teachers will also have access to all corresponding assessments, curriculum correlations, etc.

To access Destination Imagination resources in CORE:
  • Login to CORE using your CBE credentials
  • Click on the [CBE Power Search] button in the middle of the page
  • Under "Major Providers" click [Destination Imagination]
  • Add any additional search terms or search queries
  • Click [Search]
To access a concise "how-to" guide, add the words: "getting started" to the search described above.
To learn more about Destination Imagination, click here.

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